Authorities & Boards 

  1. Downtown Development Authority

    View a list of meeting information and a list of members.

  2. Historic Preservation Commission

    The purpose of the Hampton Historic Preservation Commission is to establish standards to preserve, protect, and restore the character of Hampton, Georgia, and to insure that future development is compatible with the character of the historic areas of the town.

  3. Tree Board

    Provide support to Preservation, Conservation and Education and any other ways possible towards trees, shrubs, and vegetation within the City of Hampton.

  4. Main Street Advisory Board

    Main Street: Four Committees, One Vision! Hampton’s Historic Business District is the heart of the community, where unique and exciting businesses flourish through Historic Preservation and the past has a future. Organization: Purpose & Vision - Plays a key role in keeping the board, committees, staff, and program-of-work in good shape. Promotions: Purpose & Vision - Provide Hampton with the ultimate experience through awesome festivals, arts, entertainment and value for our residents and visitors. Design: Purpose & Vision - Create an inviting, aesthetically appealing and safe Main Street Program area environment. Economic Vitality: Purpose & Vision - Achieve economic vitality through converting empty spaces into productive property, to help stimulate downtown growth through increased business retention and expansion.