Mayor’s Comments

Dear Hampton Citizens,

YES, it is already October and it is going to be a busy month in the City of Hampton.   Our Main Street program and volunteers do a wonderful job planning events for families in our city and if you have never attended the events, now is the time to start. You will not want to miss any of the interesting things going on in Hampton.  By the time you receive this newsletter our “Porch Fest” event may have come and gone and I do hope that many of you have taken advantage of this great musical and art event.

My wife tells me that the first “Ladies Night on The Town” was a great success and she would like to encourage all ladies to attend the next ladies event on October 20th.  The Main Street program makes sure everyone has a great time and this event includes prizes, drawings, and Main Street gift bags.

November will be a very busy month as well with the lighting of the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving evening.  Start now to make plans for this great citywide event.  Make sure you check the calendar of events that are listed on the Main Street Hampton face book page.  Our Christmas parade and shopping in downtown will also be highlights of the season ahead.

Coming up on November 11th a Veteran’s day event is planned at the train depot for all veterans, their families, and citizens of Hampton.  This program is sponsored by the American Legion Post of Hampton.  Please take time to honor our veterans and their service to our country.  Details of the event can be found on our Hampton City website as well as our Main Street Face Book page.

On November 7th citizens will have the privilege of voting on several candidates for re-election as well as first-time candidates.  Voting is a privilege and I encourage each of you to get to know those who are running in the upcoming election.  It is our opportunity to make our choices based on those who we feel would do the best job for our city.   Getting to know the candidates by talking to them one on one gives us the opportunity see how each candidate feels about various things in our city.  It also gives us the opportunity to ask questions that we feel need to be answered and thought through.  Not only does it give us the opportunity to meet the candidates, it gives them an opportunity to see how we as citizens feel about various things in the city and things that we would like to see happen. 

Once again, I thank you all for your volunteer work with our city, your interest in our city and your encouraging words so often spoken to each other that make our city the best place in Henry County to live.

Remember, working together builds character and friendships.


Mayor Hutchison