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Dear Hampton Citizens,

Many of you know all too well that this is the virus season.  Our family has had our share of illnesses this flu season with some “flu-like” symptoms and overall achy sick feelings.  Trying to avoid the flu is almost next to impossible if you step out of your house.  The sanitizer companies have probably made some great money this season!   

I do hope that everyone is doing their best to protect themselves and their families.  I know we are all looking forward to warmer weather and comforting days ahead.  Event calendars are set for 2018 and there will be many opportunities for family time together. Coming up on February 22nd is our Hauler Parade.  This is certainly an event that both young and mature will enjoy.

As usual, things in January have, for the most part, been peaceful and quiet. This time of year gives us somewhat of a breather and time to recoup from the busy holidays and ball games.  This is also a great time to visit some of our restaurants in town for some delicious cooking that helps warm the soul during these cold days. 

Our Speakeasy Bookstore is a great gathering place for some warm coffee and a good read.  Friends gather here to help stay warm and discuss the latest happenings in our city.  If you haven’t visited, be sure and stop in for a chat with Shannon and Don.  You will be glad you did.

At present, the City Council and Mayor are interviewing potential candidates for the City Manager position.  Our Police Chief, Derrick Austin, has done an outstanding job as interim city manager and he will certainly be missed in that position.  However, he is an outstanding Police Chief for our department.  Be sure and let Chief Austin know how much you have appreciated his hard work both as interim city manager and our police chief.

American Legion Posts 516 from McDonough and 330 from Hampton are presently helping one of Hampton’s veterans. Much needed work is being done in his yard and house. Several local citizen volunteers from Hampton and McDonough are helping with this project as well.  This is a wonderful project for a well deserving veteran who served our country proudly. 

In closing, I want to thank all who have contributed to the projects throughout our city this past 2017.  We have a wonderful group of citizens, both men, and women, who are willing to help those who, many times, cannot do the work themselves.  We have had grass cutters, ramp builders, yard cleaners, people picking up groceries for shut-ins, and so much more.  Our city is blessed with those who care.  What a great city to be a part of.  

Remember working together builds character and friendships. 

Mayor Hutchison