Public Works Department

  1. Storm Water

    Read about non point source pollution, stormwater runoff, Hampton's stormwater programs, and illicit discharges.

  2. Street Maintenance

    The Street Maintenance Division has adopted a pro-active approach to street maintenance with a pro-active focus on prevention.

  3. Electrical Department

    The City Utilities Electrical Department provides service to over 2,000 residents and are working on replacing overhead primary with underground primary.

  4. Water Department

    The City Utilities Water Department provide residents with safe and dependable drinking water.

  5. Water Pollution Control Plant

    The Bear Creek facility began operation in 1958 as a conventional trickling filter plant with anaerobic sludge digestion and drying beds.

  6. Yard Waste Collection

    Yard waste is considered leaves, grass and straw, which must be placed in bags, tied up and placed next to the street on collection days.