Documents & Forms

Below please find a list that will link you to all Documents and Forms for the Community Development Department.

2018 Code Update

2020 Permits - Fee Schedule

2020 Fire & Safety Fee Schedule

New Home Construction Checklist

Construction Plan Submittal Checklist


Building Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

HVAC Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Pool Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Land Development Permit Application

Specimen Tree Removal Permit Application

Homeowner Handbook - 2020-2021

Owner Affidavit

Hampton Land Development Ordinances 

• The Hampton Land Development Ordinance (HLDO) regulates the land use, the location and use of buildings, and other site improvements. In addition, it regulates the construction of public facilities and private improvements related to the development of land in the City of Hampton. It contains the city’s regulations governing zoning, subdivision of land, parking, signs, landscaping, and environmental regulations.

• For further information, please contact Wanda D. Moore, Director of Community Development.

• The entire HLDO can be found on Municode. Individual articles can be viewed and downloaded below.

Hampton Zoning Map