Human Resources Department

The City of Hampton values diversity by building a workforce that best reflects all values of the citizens in the community that we serve.  We are dedicated to providing opportunities that will allow equal access to all and will continue to strive for excellence in our hiring practices.  Together we can build a brighter future for our youth and help to afford them the ladders needed to succeed.

The HR Department is responsible for establishing, administering, and effectively communicating sound employee policies, rules, and practices that treat employees with dignity, respect, and equality. This occurs while maintaining the City of Hampton compliance with all Federal, State, and local labor laws, as well as internal personnel policies.

As a strategic partner to all City departments, HR advises, develops, educates, and coaches supervisors in the management of the City’s greatest assets: its employees. HR also provides personnel-related recommendations to the City Council and City Manager.

HR function includes:

  • Recruitment, selection and retention
  • Employee training, workforce development and performance evaluation
  • Salary and compensation administration
  • Management of employee benefits programs
  • Workers’ compensation, occupational health and wellness programs administration
  • Administration of HR Information Systems
  • Responsible for certain payroll functions, in collaboration with the Finance Department

The HR Department is committed to achieving the highest standards of public administration through sound HR practices, to ensure compliance with all employment laws. HR provides employees with the support, training and development they need to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of their positions as a public servant.

Andrea Atwater

 Andrea Atwater

 Director of Human Resources

 Contact: 770-946-4306 Ext. 2230