Water Department

The City Utilities Water Department provide residents with safe and dependable drinking water. Water samples are collected and tested monthly through the State of Georgia’s EPD to ensure quality. The City has 2 500,000 gallon water towers. A connection with Henry County provides the primary source of water for the City and its residents while municipal wells supplement this supply. The city is currently in exploration and development phase of several new wells located at various locations in or near the City limit. The City continues to expand and upgrade its water piping distribution system. With over 25 miles of piping, the overall care and maintenance of the piping system is critical to continued operation of the water system. Each year a select number of water mains are added or replaced to insure that the City will continue to supply its citizens with a safe, dependable supply of water for many years into the future. The City of Hampton follows the guidelines of Henry County Water Authority for outdoor watering during the summer months.

To report water leaks after hours call 911.

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