Business License

In order to obtain a business license with the City of Hampton you must operate business within the city limits. All businesses are required to fill out the Application for Business Registration/Occupation Tax Certificate as well as the affidavit verifying status for public benefits (Save affidavit).

Home Occupation

If conducting a home occupation you are given a copy of the Home Occupation Application and Ordinance (Sec 4-2) and required to sign a statement stating that you have received, read, and understand the rules and regulations listed in the ordinance.

General Contractor

Any business such as contracting, electrical work, plumbing, remodeling etc. Depending on trade, the business owner may be required to obtain General Contractors License (PDF) with the state.


All commercial locations are required to have approvals from Henry County Fire Department, City of Hampton Building Department as well as Henry County Zoning Department. Certain businesses may require additional approvals before opening (such as the Health Department, Department of Agriculture etc.). Depending on the business, the owner and workers may be required to have a state/federal license or registration. The Occupational Tax Form must be filled out as well as the business application.

View the Commercial Business License (PDF) if you are looking for more information on applying for a license.

Contact Us

  • Hampton Building Department- 770-946-4306 Ext. 2229 or 2249
  • Hampton Fire Marshall - 770-946-4306 Ext 2249
  • City of Hampton Planning and Zoning Department - 770-946-4306 Ext 2229 or 2249
  • Henry County Health Department- 770-288-6184
  • State of Georgia Department of Agriculture-404-363-7646

State/Federal License/Registration

  • IRS- 800-829-4477
  • Secretary of State (INC-LLC)- 404-656-2817

Business License Fees

  • Home Occupation: $75
  • Commercial Business: Fees are based on the number of employees as well as a $10 administrative fee.
    • 0-3 Employees- $100
    • 3-8 Employees- $150
    • Over 8 Employees- $200

Note: Before having any inspection(s) done all required applications must be filled out and turned in. All applications are carefully reviewed for approval. Any falsifications made on any of the application(s) are subject to denial and/or revocation of the business license per government officials.