Community Development


The Community Development Department is responsible for managing the current and long-term growth of the city through the goals and objectives set forth in the City of Hampton’s Comprehensive Plan, which are implemented through the City’s Zoning Codes and Regulations. The department consists of Planning and Zoning, Land Development, Building Services, Business Licensing, and GIS/Mapping Services.

The Department provides technical expertise and serves as a liaison to the Mayor and City Council, community boards, city departments, citizens, business owners, and development community. The Department is committed to providing excellent customer service with “one-stop shopping” counter services to fast-track the application process whenever possible.

  • Planning and Zoning services provide oversight to the city’s current and long-term growth policies through the administration of the zoning code and the comprehensive plan. This often involves the Public Hearing process which includes an initial application to the Department and subsequent presentation to Mayor and Council. A public hearing may be initiated by an applicant to request a rezoning, conditional use, variance, text amendment, or comprehensive plan amendment.
  • Land Development services include review and approval of all concept plan, development plans, preliminary plats, final plats, site plans, and as-builts for commercial, industrial, and residential developments to ensure compliance with applicable city, state and federal codes and regulations.
  • Building Department services improve the built environment through enforcement of building codes and regulations. The city utilizes CommunityCore© for receiving and processing plan review, permits and inspection requests. This web-based platform helps the department function efficiently, reduce waste, and communicate with applicants in a timely manner..
  • Commercial and home-based businesses who are located within the city limits of Hampton, must register for a business license (occupational tax license) with the Community Development Department.  To ensure that a business is legal, and the location is safe for public use, a review process is conducted before the issuance of any license. This process takes approximately 30 days. Commercial businesses shall obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) prior to issuance of a license.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services works with multiple departments and provides decision and policy makers necessary information to effectively manage the city’s resources. Most of the resources the city must manage (sewer, water, stormwater, streets, and electrical) and the services we provide (sewer, water, waste collection, electricity to residents) have a geographic component. The capacity to link data, which previously did not exist or was stored in unrelated tables, facilitates more creative and efficient problem solving and service delivery citywide. The GIS Department strives to provide information to citizens and the development community through easy-to-navigate interactive web applications, maps, and downloadable files. 


Wanda D. Moore, PLA

Director of Community Development

Wanda Byrd

Community Development Tech

Lucas Carter

Zoning Specialist

Kwadwo Dwomoh

GIS Technician