Utility Bill Explanation

Helping To Explain Your Utility Bill

The following information is provided to help you understand the utility services bill which you receive monthly from the City of Hampton. The total amount you are billed can be understood by the following explanations of each line item on your bill. (Your bill may not contain each example.)
  • Electricity: Is stated in kilowatts (kW) used from the beginning to end of the billing period. This is followed by total kilowatts used, and the number of days billed.
  • Water: Includes the beginning and end meter reading for the billing period in gallons. These columns are followed by total gallons used, the days billed, and, the average daily water use in gallons.
  • Sewer: Equal to 100% of the water bill and will be the same amount as your water usage.
  • Garbage: The garbage bill is shown in the last column at $14.00 per home.
  • Water Base Rate: The base water rate per household is currently $9.25 per month. This is the minimum charge for availability of water service.
  • Sewer Base Rate: The base sewer rate per household is currently $9.25 per month for the availability of sewer services
  • Sales Tax: Applied to the Electrical use only.

Additional Charges

Other charges that may appear on your bill is a:
  • $8 charge if you add a garbage container
  • $15 charge for each bulk pick up, should you request it
  • $5/$10/$15 charge if you have a private security light
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