Hampton Historic Preservation Commission


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 4th Thursday each month
  • Hampton City Hall
    17 East Main Street South
    Hampton, GA 30228


  • Chairman - Mary Ellen Kiszka 
  • Vice President - Betty English  
  • Nita Rucker
  • Dawn Greer
  • Darleen Murray
  • Wanda Byrd
  • Dell Landis


The Hampton Historic Preservation Commission (HHPC) believes it is important to recognize our history by encouraging property owners to preserve, protect, and/or restore the historic integrity of their properties. The HHPC serves to support and assist property owners with these preservation efforts, which in turn enhances the character, appearance, and property values of the City of Hampton, Georgia.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Hampton Historic Preservation Commission is to establish standards to preserve, protect, and restore the character of Hampton, Georgia, and to insure that future development is compatible with the character of the historic areas of the town.
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