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Dear Citizens

This month I have some great news for our citizens.  During the month of August, I had the privilege of attending some very educational classes along with our, Police Chief Derrick Austin, Mayor Pro Tem, Ann Tarpley, and City Manager Charles Coney.   We were invited by the FEMA organization along with the other officials from the three other cities in Henry County to take part in some very important training classes with the Federal Emergency Management Association in the beautiful state of Maryland.  These classes were on the best practices for emergency management for emergency matters that might happen in any given city. 

We want you to know that your leaders are aware of the importance of protecting our citizens in every way, humanly possible, during any type of local, state, and nationwide situation that could occur when we lest expect.    We learned much and came away with a sense of urgency in making sure we are always prepared for the unexpected.  In saying this, it is not to be an alarmist but to let you know that you have a group of officials leading this city and county who care and are pro-active in making sure we are educated to the utmost when it comes to protection of our citizens.

In addition, I would like to also inform everyone that I have been chosen by my collages in Georgia District 10 to represent the Mayors of our district on the Atlanta Regional Transportation Committee.  This is a great honor for me and one that I am proud to serve on for the next two years.  Serving on this committee will help bring not only District 10’s ideas to the table but those of Henry County and Hampton as well.  Transportation is a big issue in Georgia and we want the best planning that suits our area and what we as citizens desire. 

I will also be attending the Atlanta Regional Commission training in Savannah the first week in October.  It has been a great privilege for me to serve on the commission for the past two years and since this was not budgeted in my yearly budget, I applied for a grant and received $2400 for the training.  I am quite thankful for this opportunity to represent our city, county and state at this event.

As always, my office is an open door and anytime you feel the need to stop by please feel free to do so.  If I am out of the office, our assistant, Susan, will always keep me informed that you have dropped by and we can set up a future time to talk.

Remember working together builds character and friendships.

Mayor Hutchison